A vegan (pronounced vee-gun) is a person that follows the strictest form of vegetarianism. They are people who do not consume animal or dairy products; even honey is off limits. Why honey? Honey is an animal by-product. Vegan living goes far beyond the foods you eat it is more of a lifestyle. Strict vegans abstain from wearing animal products of any kind such as furs, leather clothing; shoes or even car seats. Even though I have said I am a vegan I’m really not in the strict sense of the word. I do consume honey and wear animal products; my car also has leather seats. Even my little dog eats animal products. Food companies do make vegan pet food I just prefer not to use it. I still feel organic, hormone free, free range pet food is healthier for my little dog. There are many radical views of vegans but to put it simply I believe an average vegan is just someone who desides not to consume animal or dairy products. I decided to try veganism for the many health benefits and I do have a soft spot for most animals with the exception of perhaps cockroaches and mosquitos. Whatever your view of vegans may be the health benefits are unquestioned; they are healthier. If you decide to give veganism a try I would suggest to start off slow and see how you feel. To help you start your journey I would recommend reading my book EAU, The China Study by: T. Colin Campbell or to visit www.PETA.org.

Like many people I was surprised to read that a Stanford study showed conventional foods had the same nutritional value as organic foods. How could that be possible? I needed to dig further. As I dug a little deeper I found like too many studies, the Stanford study dangerously isolates a finding from its larger context. It significantly plays down pesticides and neglects to mention that up to 20,000 United States agricultural workers get a pesticide-poisoning diagnosis each year. While the study says that “the risk for isolating bacteria resistant to three or more antibiotics was 33 percent higher among conventional chicken and pork than organic alternatives,” it apparently didn’t seek to explore how consuming antibiotic-resistant bacteria might be considered “non-nutritious.” After finishing my book EAU I also realized who finances these studies also has a lot of influence to the outcome of these studies. Eventhough no “external” funding was provided for this study there was “internal” funding. Information of this internal funding seems to point to Cargill (the largest privately held company in the United States) and other companies with interest in Monsanto, McDonalds and Walmart. No surprise here to find BIG corporations trying to persuade the public on what to eat by distorting the facts. Reports still indicate a fesh, organic, whole food is the most nutritional dense way to eat food. Fight your battles wisely and read your labels.

I believe patients should never leave their doctors office without a clear understanding of their diagnosis. Many patients are not clear that most spinal conditions have an array of treatment options to choose from before making a decision regarding surgery. I try to give each patient a structured program and team approach. This may include therapy,pain management injection,medications,and surgery as a last resort. Patient are confused and using a full set of resources gives them time to learn about their conditions. Should surgery become necessary, less invasive procedures now exist.i am still amazed how many get injections without complete understanding of outcomes to be expected.Severe spinal stenosis is a real area for misunderstandings. If injections fail,surgical decompression can be quite rewarding.

I recently attended a spine conference and note several things. It was well discussed that outcomes should be very carefully reviewed. Complications are still too high for all technical procedures. Experience is king regarding any surgery. I do feel change with confirmed improved outcome is certainly preferred.i was happy to see less invasive types of surgery I’d becoming mainstay.

The much anticipated book has finally arrived. EAU is a guide to nutritional foods, wellness and living green for the busy suburbanite and city-dweller. Books are available in e-book form at http://store.blurb.com/ebooks/321933-eau-earth-apples-and-you .

The e-book is $4.99.

A portion of the proceeds of the book go towards PETA, water.org and local organic farmers. Be well.

My time away from posting a blog has been well spent. Just finished my first book. What a journey I have taken in regards to health care, food and longevity. In a nutshell I believe it is an individual journey but research is deffinately pointing to a whole food plant based diet as the “healthiest” type diet . Married to an orthopedic surgeon proof of science and facts are critical in order to prompt a change of thinking and living . No problem if you are feeling a bit skeptical, who wouldn’t with so much conflicting information, just remember it is your journey and you need to take responsibility for yourself. The government , insurance nor pharmaceutical companies are looking out for you. Book available soon!! The proceeds from book will go towards PETA, www.Water.org and local organic farmers.

I have taken note that over 25 years of practice certain things do not change. Most patients needing surgery will have compression of a nerve.It is most important that this blockage is removed.Each surgeon has his choice of techniques to accomplish this goal. New technology is great but removing the compression is key to a good outcome.

These newer less invasive procedures must always be compared to “GOLD STARDARD” before patients become confused about the goals of surgery.

These newer less invasive procedures must always be compared to “GOLD STARDARD” before patients become confused about the goals of surgery.

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