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This holiday seasons people should be careful setting up their tree. Lifting injuries can be quite common. Ask for help and raise your tree without using your back muscles. I also am commenting on recent articles concerning hospital-based medical errors. Families of patients should review medications given to their family and ask for explanation so as to know proper medications after elective back surgery.

I was pleased that my recent research showing a new technology allowing for spinal surgery to have much better outcomes. The new technology that was FDA approved cuts surgical time in half and allows patients to return to sports such as golf and tennis within weeks. Patients now have real choices in spinal procedure for spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease.

Most patients should have a strong idea of their goals when discussing the possibility of surgery. I believe managing surgical outcome expectations is a key point prior to agreeing to perform any neck or back surgery. Even with the newer less invasive procedures that get fantastic improvements in return to activity, some patients expectations cannot be met. I just returned from SMISS society meeting which is really the only legitimate spine group looking at less invasive surgery with peer-reviewed material. I hope my patients look at their publications and credentialling process.. I did present new material at this meeting and learned so much more that we can now offer our patients.