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I have recently completed a review of my last 1000 surgeries and specifically looked at results. Clearly the use of smaller implants and less hardware has showned to make a difference. Patients should understand that maintaining stabilility after decompression does require inserting devices. When bone is remove the spine will start to collapse in a significant number of surgical cases unless there is insertion of implants. Fortunately, we use smaller incisions in both the neck and lumbar spine. I try using models to explain the insertion process to each patient. I still maintain the majority of patients do not need any surgery.

I find it very good that patients r using the Internet prior to their doctor visit. Proper research is key to managing patient’s expectations. I demand that patient know my credentials and should have some idea of my experience in number of surgeries and length of time in practice. I also give specific information on research and organizations that confirm what i most perform as a surgeon. Taking the mistery out of the process allows for much better communications. We also try to give many non-surgical options by providing several other services such as physical therapy,pain management, chiropractics,neurology , and many other services.Choices r important as every patients has a unique set of needs and we try to be sensitive in providing multiple answers as a team of professionals.