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I believe patients need to take more responsibility before making surgical choices. First off, proper preparation by losing weight,no smoking, full interaction with their surgeon’s recommendations. I continue to see other surgeon’s patients upset after surgery that have no idea what procedure and outcomes were expected. I have observed this over 25 years! I demand that all my patient’s write down their questions and review with them prior to surgery. I also ask them to do Internet research as well know all options fully prior to surgery. I constantly stress that surgery should be a last resort as results are in the 70-80 percent range at best. This area of medicine is very challenging and outcomes are critical to be understood. If surgeon do this, it is much more likely a favorable outcome will occur. I still see tremendous satisfaction but there are a definite unfortunate group that never achieve the success that was envisioned. In my practice, I accept this and look for other options. I do not hesitate to get other surgeon’s opinions. Communication is still very critical to all.