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Coast to coast wellness. Opening a spinal practice in Monterey, Ca. is really exciting. Growing up in Southern California I feel I am slowly heading back home. Nutrition, exercise and wellness is a by coastal topic; it doesn’t matter is you live in Boca Raton, Fl. or Carmel, Ca. people want to stay active without medications. So how is this possible if you are in too much pain to move?? Well this is where my husband comes in; he is a spine surgeon offering less invasive treatments first, surgery last. I do believe diet has a lot to do with preventative care. Studies show that eating your greens for magnesium will help prevent pain and moving your body whether it is gentle yoga, walking or swimming will help your body stay mobile. More information regarding our Monterey practice visit Be well and remember don’t throw out all those fruits and vegetables that are a few days old; juice them….My simple juicing rule; all fruits together all vegetables together (you can add a green apple, ginger and a lemon to add sweetness to all vegetable drinks). Yummy!

Now that is a tough question, especially right before Thanksgiving. “Humane” meat of any kind eventually means the death to an animal. Several animal support groups such as PETA do not believe in humane meat since they can’t seem to find a “humane ” factory. So the question becomes is it possible for an animal to live a “happy” pain-free life then become our dinner? As time goes on I have struggled with this answer. I firmly believe several meals should be taken OFF the menus immediately such as any pork products, foie gras and veal. But what about hamburgers, steak, chicken or fish? In the wild these animals suffer as well; lack of water and food, other predators, etc.. So if we as humans can breed and keep animals safe, fed with good foods, such as grass for cows and provide clean water and then use these animals later for products and food is that really so bad? I think the biggest problem I have with our current situation is these animals are abused physically and they live in confined filthy places and feed dirty water and foods not meant for their bodies; cows and fish we not mean’t to eat corn! Then when it comes time to kill these fish, chickens and cows they suffer. I would like to believe the farm of the future will have pastures rich in soil and grass; flowing source of clean water; animals roaming or swimming freely and an ample food supply where the bottom line is not all about the bottom line. Yes, our farmers need to make a profit and the ones who help create this harmonious environment are the farmers we would encourage and support. In my perfect world; people would turn vegan and there would be no need for huge factory farms only the small harmonious farms would exsist. Be well and Happy Thanksgiving!

A vegan (pronounced vee-gun) is a person that follows the strictest form of vegetarianism. They are people who do not consume animal or dairy products; even honey is off limits. Why honey? Honey is an animal by-product. Vegan living goes far beyond the foods you eat it is more of a lifestyle. Strict vegans abstain from wearing animal products of any kind such as furs, leather clothing; shoes or even car seats. Even though I have said I am a vegan I’m really not in the strict sense of the word. I do consume honey and wear animal products; my car also has leather seats. Even my little dog eats animal products. Food companies do make vegan pet food I just prefer not to use it. I still feel organic, hormone free, free range pet food is healthier for my little dog. There are many radical views of vegans but to put it simply I believe an average vegan is just someone who desides not to consume animal or dairy products. I decided to try veganism for the many health benefits and I do have a soft spot for most animals with the exception of perhaps cockroaches and mosquitos. Whatever your view of vegans may be the health benefits are unquestioned; they are healthier. If you decide to give veganism a try I would suggest to start off slow and see how you feel. To help you start your journey I would recommend reading my book EAU, The China Study by: T. Colin Campbell or to visit

Like many people I was surprised to read that a Stanford study showed conventional foods had the same nutritional value as organic foods. How could that be possible? I needed to dig further. As I dug a little deeper I found like too many studies, the Stanford study dangerously isolates a finding from its larger context. It significantly plays down pesticides and neglects to mention that up to 20,000 United States agricultural workers get a pesticide-poisoning diagnosis each year. While the study says that “the risk for isolating bacteria resistant to three or more antibiotics was 33 percent higher among conventional chicken and pork than organic alternatives,” it apparently didn’t seek to explore how consuming antibiotic-resistant bacteria might be considered “non-nutritious.” After finishing my book EAU I also realized who finances these studies also has a lot of influence to the outcome of these studies. Eventhough no “external” funding was provided for this study there was “internal” funding. Information of this internal funding seems to point to Cargill (the largest privately held company in the United States) and other companies with interest in Monsanto, McDonalds and Walmart. No surprise here to find BIG corporations trying to persuade the public on what to eat by distorting the facts. Reports still indicate a fesh, organic, whole food is the most nutritional dense way to eat food. Fight your battles wisely and read your labels.

The much anticipated book has finally arrived. EAU is a guide to nutritional foods, wellness and living green for the busy suburbanite and city-dweller. Books are available in e-book form at .

The e-book is $4.99.

A portion of the proceeds of the book go towards PETA, and local organic farmers. Be well.

My time away from posting a blog has been well spent. Just finished my first book. What a journey I have taken in regards to health care, food and longevity. In a nutshell I believe it is an individual journey but research is deffinately pointing to a whole food plant based diet as the “healthiest” type diet . Married to an orthopedic surgeon proof of science and facts are critical in order to prompt a change of thinking and living . No problem if you are feeling a bit skeptical, who wouldn’t with so much conflicting information, just remember it is your journey and you need to take responsibility for yourself. The government , insurance nor pharmaceutical companies are looking out for you. Book available soon!! The proceeds from book will go towards PETA, and local organic farmers.

What makes a food “super”?? Foods packed with the nutritional density of vitamins and mineral,  most of the extra add ons come from phytonutrients and antioxidants. We have been eating theses foods for thousands of years but as we Americans became engulfed in processed and fast food  the nutritional value of these foods has deminished. There are many sources to obtain a list of superfoods. Some of my personal favorites are 1). “Dark Chocolate” now don’t get confused it is not the chocolate but the cocoa that is super, a content of 70% or higher  2). Natural yogurt, must be natural , no added sugars full of friendly bacteria to help the internal digestive track (See previous post for more information ) 3). Enoki (mushrooms) with all the powerful antioxidants studies have shown  important anti inflammatory with the arteries, &  joints 4). Red wine ..why not white wine?? Red wine is made from the “skins” of the grapes that is where the “super” comes from  5). My favorite, Bee pollen/ raw honey. Pollen contains the richest source of vitamins, minerals, proteins amino acids, hormones, enzymes, fats in perfect proportion. I  recommend WEE BEE found at Whole Foods. There are many more Superfoods, I highly recommend you find your favorite 5 . Getting the nutrients you need is still best found in the foods you eat. So start your year out “SUPER”!!!
**Always check with your doctor if you take medications or have any allergies before you try any new foods

Living longer, healthier and happier have always interested me. It becomes confusing when you read article after article about what to do and what not to do. After years of research and constantly talking to our patients over 95 it comes down to multi- vitamins ( no particular name brand)  and lowering your caloric intake. Scientist from Cornell University have suspected that calorie restrictions could extend the life span of animals since 1935. The researchers suggest reducing calories by 25%. Try it and see how you feel (at least 6 months)anything we understand better we have at least a shot at controlling better. Who knows feeling better with a little weight loss is a form of renewed youth, but getting some extra years would be even better.

Honey may fight cancer, laboratory mice showed slower growth than those whom did not receive honey

Honey heals minor burns and wounds…applied topically the combination of sugar and antibaterial components found in honey kills germs…raw is better than processed.

Honey boost immune system. Honey contains polyphenols, disease-fighting antioxidants that reduce the risk of developing heart disease and cancer. Substitute honey for sugar in your diet…

Stay sweet and fight disease 🙂

I have recently begun to ask patients to consider their diet and nutritional preparation prior to surgery. We ask all patients to take vitamins but review specifics if they are taking any herbal products. I also try to get them exercising within their pain limits two weeks prior to surgery as well. We all feel, as a team ,this has clearly improved patients outcomes and ability to handle pain in post- operative phase of their care.