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I just return from an advanced spine meetings and want to report my observations.Patients should understand the best improvements after surgery still fall far short of a 100 percent. Even with new technologies, the number of patients with less then 70 percent improvement of their back or leg pain is still the challenge for surgeons. I always spend extra time making sure I explain realistic goals. Unfortunately, we do not have a perfect solutions for back or leg pain due to spinal pathology. Patients going to centers with claims of 90 to 100 results should be very wary!

I am amazed how often patients come to me with misinformation about their condition. They have their own notions about their spine problem and want me to accept a type of surgery that will not work. In particular, if they already know of a procedure that someone else claimed worked for their friend. After 22 years of seeing numerous failed procedures, I try to offer real opportunity for succcess. Unfortunately, this may require placement of devices in spine and two to three days in hospital but the outcomes r well worth compare to unproven gimmick ! Patents obtaining recommendations should then do research on doctor’s credential and look at published outcomes.