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In this New Year, I wish all my patients well! There is so much new innovative options for patients to live a more productive and less painfull lifestyle. I am so please to see the gratified patients from these new less invasive procedures. Still not a perfect world but much improvement in function with lower risk from surgery.

So many patients come to me confused about their problems. Most spinal problem that cause pain are due to compression of a nerve. The solution is mon- surgical if minor compression but if there is pain down leg or arm then surgery becomes an option. The newer less invasive procedure require placing implants to open the windows where the nerves exit the spine. Patients need to find surgeons trained in performing these newer procedures. Surgical times are shorter and outcomes much more favorable to alleviate sciatica and return patients to high quality of activity.

I wish all a wonderful holiday season from all of us at SPOSI ! Recently , I, have seen a patient with operative wound infection.Patients need to be vigilant after surgery. They should call their surgeon if they develop a temperature greater then100 degrees or redness of their incision. Also, any drainage should be reported after surgery as a precaution. Early intervention with antibiotics and possible wound packing and cuture can nip big problem from occurring.