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I recently have seen much improved success for patients that already had failed back surgery by using a new less invasive technology. A small spacer hold the pressure off the nerve and can be easily placed in the disc spaces. Patient up walking quickly and recovery time improved. This can be of great benefit to high risk patients as well.

The newer technologies allow patients with higher risks such as cardiac or diabetes to have an option. The surgical time and anesthesia are shorter and most patients now leave hospital in two days. Therapy is started immediately allowing most patients to drive during second week. I like to walk patients thru all their options and also other members of my team to assist as well.

Even though I have performed in excess of 3000 surgeries, I am stilll amazed how each patient’s needs are so different. I reflect about the various surgical changes that I have gone thru after analyzing my successes and failures. So much of good outcomes requires recognizing the correct type of surgery to perform. The test of time has really shaped what I offer to patients for treatment. Patients really need to factor in this kind of experience as to not be let down with unrealistic promises. I find it challenging to gain┬áthis respect between patients and their surgeon. In my office, I value the advice of several other specialist in making a final decision.