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During the Holiday seasons several risks occur each year. The average weight gain exceeds 10lbs for most of u out there. Many of u are carrying Christmas Trees or trying to lift them upright. The load can cause a sudden force great enough to rupture a disc. Think before lifting and get help with each project. Stringing lights also a risk. As far as all the great food and drinks, cut back portions or avoid one meal a day to balance a big dinner or office party. Try to exercise 45 minutes each day can be a big help as well.Remember,u do not want to ruin the holidays with injuries. Be careful cutting things such as wrapping paper or even a turkey in a hurry. Finally, mad and crazy driver r out there rushing to the next big sales event!

Patient should always do their research! When doctors make claims of great success try to look at all options. However, remember there is a body of knowledge as a basis for much of the outcomes for surgical procedures.I try to show and explain to my patients goals of 70 to 80 percent are reasonable and try very hard to manage their expectations.Claims of a 100 percent should be suspect.Any procedure has real risk that should also be carefully reviewed by your surgeon. Having said all this, patients should remain optimistic as most procedures for acute disc herniations or spinal stenosis are quite successful with timely return to normal activity.