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Most patients r very nervous to see a spinal surgeon which is to be expected. However, only 10 percent need surgery and most do well with therapy, injection,and mild medication.In the event there is a need for removal of blockage from a her rated disc or spinal stenosis, less invasive allows much more raid return to activities. More importantly, lower complications. I see so much more comPlications from over use of drugs or excessive injections without a clear diagnosis.I have reviewed the results of over 3000 surgery and pleased to see great progress! Always consider second opinions and do your homework. The Internet is a great resource.

I have found that patients are most satisfied when their surgeon gives them very specific goals after surgery with a timeline to achieve functional gains. Patients expectations are extremely important to me, while managing their care regarding cervical or lumbar procedures.  This usually requires performing a variety of newer, and less invasive,  procedures that enable a shorter length of stay in the hospital and a more rapid return to activities such as golf or other sports.

I am very pleased with the collaboration of Dr Dorcil and myself, for obtaining excellent outcomes after ACDF surgery. We have been able to reduce surgical times, on a two level procedure, to less then two hours, including iliac harvest. A team approach is the secret. The incisions are less then two inches and post-operative pain is very minimal. Most patients should understand that weakness, balance issues, and failed epidurals should lead one to a search out for a surgeon’s care. Often times, a permanent loss of function can be avoided if patients seek these less invasive surgeries early on.