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I try very hard to managed the expectations of patients regarding surgeries. Even less invasive surgery using smaller incisions does not mean a perfect result. All spinal procedure have less then ideal results because there are always permanent damage ffrom disc heniations, chronic compression from strnosis, spinal fractures , and an array of degenerative conditions. We as
surgeons, only can try to reverse as much as feasable, these abnormal processes but this is still not “perfect” by any definition. However, 70 to 80 percent improvement is still quite an improvement for those suffering real. pain and weakness in their day-to- day lifestyle. Fortunately, newer technologies has given us choices and patients need to do their homework.
I stress this to excessive degree I find a subset of patients that do not hear these facts prior to their surgery. In the end, trying to explain the positives of surgery in a honest way can be very frustrating to surgeons. For this reason all surgeries should be a last options in the event patients are disappointed with their outcome. Other surgeons should be mindful how many of their unhappy patient end up complaint about their poor results to other spine surgeons. We as surgeons, must constantly remind patients of the real outcomes and challenges surgeons face giving honest solution for our patient.