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Unless major neurological deficit various non- surgical methods should be offered before surgery. I believe less then 5 percent need surgery. Spinal surgical claims such as laser is no exception and can make future repair work much more difficult.

I find the vast majority of my patients do well with a combination if nerve blocks, physical therapy, and non-narcotic medications. I believe only 5 percent need surgery when patient work with a dedicated team. We also add wellness programs to make prevention of future back and neck pain a long term goal. We try very hard to be holistic in our treatment strategy and be open- minded to things like accupuncture and nutrition.

Now that we have real winter snow upon us it is important to understand body mechanics. Lifting a pound of snow can add tremendous force to your lower back muscles. If you have not done any conditioning this can lead to severe strain the next day! It would be wise to take this time of year to commit yourself to 45 minutes of exercise to start the new year. The stress on an unconditional orvweak heart has the same possibility. EXERCISE!

One of the reason spine surgeons try to use less hardware as this usually allows more motion after surgery. We also know that levels of the spine above or below rods and screws begin to breakdown over a period of time. Until there are completely new ways to stabilize the spine less is more for now. I believe using newer implants such as spacers is one of the less invasive options for fusion. Most patients are suffering from spinal stenosis. My younger patients with disc disease seldom need anything but microdiscectomy.

Running and/or Yoga practiced daily you will begin to feel and see things differently or more clearly. Talking with a fellow yoga student recently he was expressing his concern about his 20 something son’s actions and I remembered a lesson I learned long ago. “choose not to try to change others” it only leads to anger and frustration 1. Identify ( find a source that is frustrating that involves another person) 2. Acknowledge (there maybe merit in the other person’s actions) 3. Alter (your view regarding the other person)
One example is a husband and wife. The husband may see his wife as nagging/controlling him to eat right and take his vitamins but once he can Identify, Acknowledge and Alter, he may not see it as nagging at all but an expression of love. Perhaps his wife just wants her husband to be healthy.
Changing one’s thinking is not easy but consider it a small gift of peace to you and the people around you.

Dr Geisse has been a great addition to our team working to use less narcotics and combination drug therapy that allows patients to be more functional. The therapy department also adds a great addition to the team effort. Only 5 percent of present patients need surgery. I spent my career trying to lower this percent or at least do less invasive surgery when all else fails. The addition of smaller implants allows for better outcomes and lower complications.I see the results of other spine surgeon also do great work in South Florida.I again ask patients to look at peer-reviewed published claims.

I invite people to attend a lecture on Tuesday at Poppies restaurant in Delray Beach to learn more and meet recent patients that have undergone less invasive surgery. We are proud of this group of new patients that are willing to communicate their experience and share with others.

True hunger verses just eating to eat. True hunger symptom which is my favorite is a slight salivation and then whatever you eat tastes amazing. Just eating to eat are symptoms such as the growling of the stomach, headache, grumpy, fatigue. That is your body trying to detox. Try eating high antioxidants such as fresh vegetables, nuts ( people who eat one serving of nuts daily have shown a 59% lower risk of heart disease)seeds and of course the double B’s (beans &
berries).Test yourself and skip a meal
to feel the difference of true hunger.With the holidays upon us being social creates the same dopamine surge that eating does so put your party shoes on and enjoy the season.

I saw an 88 year old patient willing to speak at symposium Tuesday at 3pm. He convinces me again that MLIFF less invasive is amazing. He has no pain two weeks after surgery.

I find that Dr Geisse has been a great addition to our team .She offers a comprehensive review of a patient’s medical care pertaining to medication anf their interaction potential with steroids. We have tried adding medication that will lower the use of just narotics which cause many uncomfortable side effects. I am amazed that the percentage of patients needing any surgery is now less then 5 percent.