I believe in patients right to know as much as possible about their surgeon. In this day and age, one can easily look up credentials using the Internet. I demand that my patients look up my particular publications and training including continuing education. I also believe that using adjunct staff to perform procedures has gone too far. I perform all my own nerve blocks and. let patients know that their surgeon is performing the actual. surgery. In addition, their surgeo. needs to give the patient very precise plan how to handle post- procedure difficulties should they. arise. I give every patient my cell and home numbers for added assurance for immediate care should this happen. Unfortunately, spinal surgery is an area of medicine that has signicant degree of post- operative complications that can be easily corrected if caught early. Not to lessen the great advancements and success, a patients deserves a full committment as part of patient- doctor relationship. We practice this philosophy at SPOSI.

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