Patients need to have a real understanding of results ! I see so many failures of these techniques.The patients should be shown published outcomes.

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  • Jolie Yarborough:

    I was 29 and 30 years old when I under went my cervical spinal surgeries. I had spinal stenosis with about 60% of my spinal cord being crushed. I was told I had an eighty year old spine. My problem now is the pain I have had to deal with in y day to day life. The pain was never this bad before. I am only 32 now. I try to stay active but the pain is bad. And my pain meds, well your body gets use to them forcing you to take more, I feel like I am always walking a fine line between pain management and pain killer addiction. What is a person to do? Pleasehelp, I have a 7&9 year old to live and feel well for, any help is appreciated. Thank you Jolie