Coast to coast wellness. Opening a spinal practice in Monterey, Ca. is really exciting. Growing up in Southern California I feel I am slowly heading back home. Nutrition, exercise and wellness is a by coastal topic; it doesn’t matter is you live in Boca Raton, Fl. or Carmel, Ca. people want to stay active without medications. So how is this possible if you are in too much pain to move?? Well this is where my husband comes in; he is a spine surgeon offering less invasive treatments first, surgery last. I do believe diet has a lot to do with preventative care. Studies show that eating your greens for magnesium will help prevent pain and moving your body whether it is gentle yoga, walking or swimming will help your body stay mobile. More information regarding our Monterey practice visit Be well and remember don’t throw out all those fruits and vegetables that are a few days old; juice them….My simple juicing rule; all fruits together all vegetables together (you can add a green apple, ginger and a lemon to add sweetness to all vegetable drinks). Yummy!

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