A vegan (pronounced vee-gun) is a person that follows the strictest form of vegetarianism. They are people who do not consume animal or dairy products; even honey is off limits. Why honey? Honey is an animal by-product. Vegan living goes far beyond the foods you eat it is more of a lifestyle. Strict vegans abstain from wearing animal products of any kind such as furs, leather clothing; shoes or even car seats. Even though I have said I am a vegan I’m really not in the strict sense of the word. I do consume honey and wear animal products; my car also has leather seats. Even my little dog eats animal products. Food companies do make vegan pet food I just prefer not to use it. I still feel organic, hormone free, free range pet food is healthier for my little dog. There are many radical views of vegans but to put it simply I believe an average vegan is just someone who desides not to consume animal or dairy products. I decided to try veganism for the many health benefits and I do have a soft spot for most animals with the exception of perhaps cockroaches and mosquitos. Whatever your view of vegans may be the health benefits are unquestioned; they are healthier. If you decide to give veganism a try I would suggest to start off slow and see how you feel. To help you start your journey I would recommend reading my book EAU, The China Study by: T. Colin Campbell or to visit www.PETA.org.

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