Now that is a tough question, especially right before Thanksgiving. “Humane” meat of any kind eventually means the death to an animal. Several animal support groups such as PETA do not believe in humane meat since they can’t seem to find a “humane ” factory. So the question becomes is it possible for an animal to live a “happy” pain-free life then become our dinner? As time goes on I have struggled with this answer. I firmly believe several meals should be taken OFF the menus immediately such as any pork products, foie gras and veal. But what about hamburgers, steak, chicken or fish? In the wild these animals suffer as well; lack of water and food, other predators, etc.. So if we as humans can breed and keep animals safe, fed with good foods, such as grass for cows and provide clean water and then use these animals later for products and food is that really so bad? I think the biggest problem I have with our current situation is these animals are abused physically and they live in confined filthy places and feed dirty water and foods not meant for their bodies; cows and fish we not mean’t to eat corn! Then when it comes time to kill these fish, chickens and cows they suffer. I would like to believe the farm of the future will have pastures rich in soil and grass; flowing source of clean water; animals roaming or swimming freely and an ample food supply where the bottom line is not all about the bottom line. Yes, our farmers need to make a profit and the ones who help create this harmonious environment are the farmers we would encourage and support. In my perfect world; people would turn vegan and there would be no need for huge factory farms only the small harmonious farms would exsist. Be well and Happy Thanksgiving!

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