What makes a food “super”?? Foods packed with the nutritional density of vitamins and mineral,  most of the extra add ons come from phytonutrients and antioxidants. We have been eating theses foods for thousands of years but as we Americans became engulfed in processed and fast food  the nutritional value of these foods has deminished. There are many sources to obtain a list of superfoods. Some of my personal favorites are 1). “Dark Chocolate” now don’t get confused it is not the chocolate but the cocoa that is super, a content of 70% or higher  2). Natural yogurt, must be natural , no added sugars full of friendly bacteria to help the internal digestive track (See previous post for more information ) 3). Enoki (mushrooms) with all the powerful antioxidants studies have shown  important anti inflammatory with the arteries, &  joints 4). Red wine ..why not white wine?? Red wine is made from the “skins” of the grapes that is where the “super” comes from  5). My favorite, Bee pollen/ raw honey. Pollen contains the richest source of vitamins, minerals, proteins amino acids, hormones, enzymes, fats in perfect proportion. I  recommend WEE BEE found at Whole Foods. There are many more Superfoods, I highly recommend you find your favorite 5 . Getting the nutrients you need is still best found in the foods you eat. So start your year out “SUPER”!!!
**Always check with your doctor if you take medications or have any allergies before you try any new foods

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