Life gets stressful but finding the ability to laugh does make a difference. A funny situation happened with my husband the other day and I forgot how good it felt to laugh THAT hard.

Studies suggest that laughter works like stress in reverse. The inner lining of the arteries plays an important role in the fight against cardiovascular disease. It regulates blood flow by controlling when the blood vessels expand and contract. The endothelium (inner lining) also secretes chemicals such as nitric oxide, that inhibit inflammation and blood clotting.

Mental stress is known to be harmful to the endothelium. Blood vessels tighten in stressful situations and chemical changes may leave you open to arterial damage.

So add some laughter to your life. Researchers suggest 15 min. a day to watch a funny movie, video, or amusing book. While commuting to work perhaps put a Cd of your favorite comedian in the player and see what happens with your day. 🙂

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