Running and/or Yoga practiced daily you will begin to feel and see things differently or more clearly. Talking with a fellow yoga student recently he was expressing his concern about his 20 something son’s actions and I remembered a lesson I learned long ago. “choose not to try to change others” it only leads to anger and frustration 1. Identify ( find a source that is frustrating that involves another person) 2. Acknowledge (there maybe merit in the other person’s actions) 3. Alter (your view regarding the other person)
One example is a husband and wife. The husband may see his wife as nagging/controlling him to eat right and take his vitamins but once he can Identify, Acknowledge and Alter, he may not see it as nagging at all but an expression of love. Perhaps his wife just wants her husband to be healthy.
Changing one’s thinking is not easy but consider it a small gift of peace to you and the people around you.

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